The SPECKS OF DUST team would like to thank Davis Projects for Peace for their generous seed funding of the project, and the Dalai Lama Fellows for our second grant. 

We'd also like to thank the following supporters and advisors

Purcell Carson

Andrew Jarecki

Watrous family

Cohen family

Pandey family

Agrawal family

Goyal Family

Gabriel Miller 

Rohit Lamba

Christian Simamora 

Alec Fisher

Krystal McLeod

Gyan Prakash 

John Luria 

Scott Leroy

Udit Goyal

Sorat Tungkasiri & Paula Brett

Liz Martin

Talya Nevins

Joseph Barrett

Princeton Media Services

Lewis Center for the Arts

Laurent Goldstein

Emily Abt

The Good Line

Kemy Lin

our loving families

and of course, Ajeet Singh, Santwana Manju, and the entire Guria family.