In addition to filming a documentary, which will focus on the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of Guria Sansthan, we will teach film techniques to the children of the NFE center. The children will learn how to upload and edit their footage using basic software available to them, so that they will be able to continue using film as a medium for self-expression in the future. We will work together with the children to write a Hindi/Urdu manual on how to film, import, edit, and upload their films onto the Internet, so that teachers at the NFE center can guide the students through the process. Film will become a long-term part of the Guria curriculum, enhancing the center’s existing art therapy program, and will be sustained by the continued, annual presence of Princeton students working at the center.

The artistic outlet of film will foster the children’s creativity, self-expression, and dignity. On a practical level, the ability to shoot and edit film is a skill coveted by many Indian organizations looking for international recognition, and will be vital to the children as they grow up and enter the job market. The children of the NFE center are fast learners. They tackle challenges with an unparalleled dedication, positivity, and thirst for learning that inspires us as teachers, and will no doubt create stunning footage. We are especially excited about giving the older children an opportunity to upload their work and dialogue with the outside world, which will show them that their stories are meaningful.