Holiday Update + Preview

Dear family and friends,

In the months since we returned from our whirlwind adventure this summer, we have dealt with both the blessing and challenge of tremendous amounts of incredible footage to edit -- in addition to our regular schoolwork!  

The holidays give us time to take a breath, and recognize how lucky we are to be telling a story we love.  It is one of the most important stories of our lives.

We’d like to show you a small video we put together for the holidays: a glimpse of one of the incredible children that Guria serves, and a soundbite from the man that made the organization a reality.

We hope our film will prompt many questions, and this short clip is just the start of that conversation. Ajeet talks about “a more beautiful world. A world free from prostitution. A world free from injustices. A world free of hunger. A world free of gender discrimination. A world free from every problem.”  What will it take to create this more beautiful world?  How do we play our part, individuals all over the globe, in making the kind of world that Ajeet has inspired us to dream of?

Add your voice in the comments section here, or on our Facebook page.


Thank you all so much for your support throughout this process! Happy Holidays!



Shaina, Azza, Lizzie and Katie